4 Interesting Facts About Hot Tubs


There is nothing better than being able to relax in one of the best spas in Sydney, whether this is on holiday, or if you are one of the lucky few that have on in their garden. Although many of us enjoy bathing in them, few of us actually know much about them. So, to save you from any awkward silences while you’re sat in your spa in Sydney with a group of friends, here are four interesting facts about hot tubs.


  1. Although today it is simple to buy a spa in Sydney, the original hot tubs were not man made, but natural. Hot tubs have actually been around for thousands of years, and the man made devices we know today are a mimic of the warm pools that were found around the world. These natural warm water holes are known as thermal pools. Although geography may not spring to mind when you are relaxing in the warm bubbles, thermal pools are a result of the movement of tectonic plates in the earths crust. Countries that sit on top of these rubbing tectonic plates are where you will find natural hot water springs; these countries include Iceland, Japan and New Zealand. So, although us Aussies will have to make do with the man made spas in Sydney, NZ isn’t too far away, so it looks like we better get saving if we want to bathe in the natural wonders.


  1. Whilst relaxing in the warm water of a spa in Sydney, you are unlikely to be thinking about how it actually works, but, as strange as it sounds, there is some interesting history behind hot tub filters. Certain filters such as Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are made up of elements that are millions of years old. This substance is a microscopic fossil that was around even before the dinosaurs. Essentially, it is fossilized and can now be found in oceans and freshwater as well as soil and damp places. Why is DE used in filters? Well, it is really effective at trapping molecules of water, meaning they are often used in water quality studies and pool filters. So next time you feel old in a spa in Sydney with your kids, remember, you are relaxing with something far older!



  1. Many people often call hot tubs Jacuzzi’s- it is a common synonym for the bubbly pool. However, what you may not know, is that this isn’t just a name for a pool, but the surname of the geniuses that invented it. Weirdly, the creators were seven brothers who were also aircraft engineers who pioneered the invention of propellers and machining pumps. However, when one of the Jacuzzi clan got arthritis, the brothers wanted to find a way to help; their answer came in the form of the first ever portable pump. This pump was designed to make a whirlpool effect in the water to sooth the pain of arthritis. Since then the surname has stuck around and is now a common word to describe the warm pools we relax in today.


  1. On to more recent events surrounding hot tubs, 2012 saw the worlds most international hot tub title. This sounds incredible bizarre, and it is, but it also proves how many people you can fit into such a small watery space. Basically, 26 people from 26 nations squeezed into a ten-person hot tub and set the world record. This sounds as far from relaxing as you can possibly get in a hot tub, but let’s try not to judge. So before you start to complain about the amount of people trying to jump in your spa in Sydney, be grateful it isn’t 26 strangers from all over the world!



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