Hello! I’m Katie, a professional writer who just loves taking the story of a brand, individual, product or business and telling it in the most magical of ways.

I keep a tight focus on my Creative Writing (MA) in order to go above and beyond for every single one of my clients. I pride myself on wordsmithery that is a joy to read and adds to your brand ethos, allowing you to do the one thing that matters most – build lasting relationships with clients and customers.

I have a degree in social science and a diploma in economics. I enjoy research and I am passionate about writing clear, concise English that is interesting and accessible to the reader. I am deeply committed to achieving the highest standards in my work and delivering on time. Throughout my career I’ve had to research and write about a wide range of topics, so I am comfortable with any subject matter. I am confident that my experience and skills enable me to provide you with an exceptionally high standard of work, with a fast turnaround.