Decorating Ideas For Your Wall Niche

Decorating your apartment is tons of fun, just be sure you’re hanging your pictures with the right techniques. A classic, and obvious, use for a niche near a fireplace is to store clean, uniformly cut firewood, which creates a beautiful rustic effect even if you don’t actually burn logs in your fireplace. Generally small logs can fill any shape of niche, turning a rounded edge or an odd angle into a fun feature.

Firewood and art. The look of stacked wood works even in a modern setting. Feel free to get creative with it and add some art, or paint the ends of some logs in a bright shade to add graphic pops of color.

Shelves. Spanning shelves across a shallow wall niche is one of the most efficient uses of these spaces. It gives you extra storage and display space, and can turn what seems like an awkward area into something that looks planned and organized.

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