How Customers Should Approach The Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder


If you are in the market for a mains pressure hot water cylinder, there will be a number of factors that you should be considering.

How much of an amount do you use? How many people require access to it? What is your budget? What model do you currently utilize?

When speaking with a supplier, it is vital that you undertake your homework and approach the tank need with diligence.

So let us delve into these issues with you to ensure that you are securing a tank that is right for you.


Is Mains Right For You?

Before you decide on opting for a mains pressure hot water cylinder, you should ensure that the other models are inferior for your particular circumstances. From low pressure systems that have a pressure reducing valve to open-vented low pressure models and unvented systems where the pressure reflects the incoming supply, there are variations on securing a hot flow of liquid to the household or office. Weigh up what you need for your home or office and speak with a trusted supplier to see what will suit your circumstances.


Number of People and Faucets On Site

If a household has a series of bathrooms where showers are being run around the same time, it is ideal for a mains pressure hot water cylinder to be on hand to allow for identical pressure. Those domains like hotels where the flow has to be maintained at all times requires a model of this scope, and the more people you have under one roof, the greater the need to access a product of the mains pressure profile.




Cost of Upgrading

Those who want to keep their installation costs down in the initial phase probably might shy away from a mains pressure hot water cylinder. Whilst the final product is superior in almost every way, shape and form to do away with the need for air locking and pressure fluctuations, there is an initial cost that can place a strain on a modest family budget. Prices in this domain centre around the $2000 mark to install this product, so those who have a close eye on the budget might want to schedule a suitable time to make the switch to mains pressure.

What is balanced in this setting is the long-term savings that are on offer compared to low pressure models. The manufacturing that is involved with this hardware technologies ensures that the flow and heating is a more efficient process, cutting down on the household energy bill.


Use of the Tapware From Low Pressure System

If you are a customer looking to install a mains pressure hot water cylinder but have tapware on site that was originally designed for a low pressure system, then the supplier can make unique arrangements. Households are upgrading on a regular basis when there is the need to access a greater stream for showers, baths and kitchen use.

The central issue to remember is that the mains pressure system will require a greater supply so a usual 10 minute shower will have to be cut down to 5 minutes if a low pressure tapware product is still on site. It can be easy to overlook or forget how much more of an amount the system will deliver, so discuss this point with the supplier to see where the upgrades can be made around the premises.


Modern Suppliers Issue Longer Warranties

It is bucking the trend in 2018 to actually design new pieces of technology that are protected and made to last for the long-term. This describes the asset that is a mains pressure hot water cylinder as suppliers will issue warranties that can venture to the 20-25 year range. This protects consumers in the event of a technical fault or breakdown in the system, allowing the maintenance to take place without concern for the budget blowing out of control. Brands in this industry understand that a hot water system is a significant investment, so having that added cover and peace of mind is a major benefit.


Avoid Hidden Costs From Suppliers

Heading out into the market for a mains pressure hot water cylinder will open up the potential for some hidden costs and fees to be thrown into the overall equation from dubious sources. In this environment it is paramount that you shop around with trusted brands who have the community recognition and reputation to match their rhetoric with action. Especially for consumers who are in the mode to renovate a property where costs are escalating, be mindful of the industry related practices that are maintained with hot water models.



No two buyers are identical, so it is a subjective choice to picking your mains pressure hot water cylinder. Open a dialogue with a local supplier and weigh up the options that are on the table. From the installation process and fee to the quality and consistency of the water pressure, cover all of your bases.


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