Top 5 Uses for Printing Services Near Me

printing machines

The Digital Age. Smartphones, the internet, online shopping and cyber dating, robots taking our jobs, hackers stealing your data and shady companies buying your privacy. The world is developing, moving, shaking and the way we lived a hundred years ago now seems like not only a distant memory but an impossibility. Kids born this millennium know how to use a touch screen before they can walk or talk, the new age digital natives. Which is why I always look for printing services near me.


Searching for printing services near me reminds me of a simpler time. Which in turn drives home the point to me that simpler does not mean worse. In the rush to improve, the excitement of experiencing new technologies and the anticipation of new advances, we sometimes forget that we have a perfectly good alternative already. No matter how much the marketing men promise you that the new shiny version is the be all and end all, remember that retro is cool and digital doesn’t always beat something you can see, feel and touch with your own two hands.


1. Map Mode

Speaking of digital age and globalization, one of the main benefits as I see it is the ability to travel economically and easily throughout the world. The first thing I do in a new country (after a walking tour) is to search for printing services near me. That way I can have a physical version of my itinerary, relevant maps, boarding passes and all my booking confirmations and reservation numbers handy. It’s crucial to have these in print as our modern world hasn’t figured out how to give us affordable data roaming when abroad yet!


2. Paper Planes

Once the travel is done, you’ve got to fly home, and what better way to welcome someone back than to meet them at the airport with a banner or sign. Whether it’s a two-week trip business trip, a 6 month voyage or a 5 year emigration, everyone appreciates it and it’s very simple to oblige, simply search printing services near me!


3. Glossy Finish

Another reason I like to be aware of printing services near me is precisely because of the digitalisation of business. Marketing has evolved and digital is certainly the way forward, but that comes at a cost. It’s all very well for a multi-corporation conglomerate to spend big budgets online, but what about smaller players? If you have a small business or a start up some tactile collateral is a god send. It can help you reach many eyes while avoiding the prohibitive cost of digital marketing these days. Even think back to your youth and starting a band, a thousand flyers is much more affordable and memorable than a 2 second impression.


4. Stick it to ‘em

Another reason I love printing services near me is for the stickers. Beyond the marketing benefits, you can also get really creative with stickers, for example, when a big international sport tournament comes round every four years, why not have some fun with your friends and family or colleagues and create your own sticker album, mimicking the stars.


5. Read all about it

My final and primary reason for loving printing services near me is for my community outreach projects, particularly being the chairman of my neighbourhood’s tidy towns squad. My local design shop can design, publish and deliver our monthly newsletter to me for a very fair price, and the best part is they use 100% recycled and biodegradable paper so there is no guilt or hypocrisy!

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