Using Your New Busy Light


You’ve heard of the busy light craze and have finally made the decision to invest into something that will revolutionize your company’s productivity. These products are designed to be user friendly and easy to install and use. If you aren’t tech savvy you may be after an easy to follow guide to understand what you need to know to get them to work.

Simply plugging them in isn’t the only thing you need to do before they are fully operational. There are some simple tips and tricks that you can implement to get the most out of your busy light. Continue reading while we help you get your office all set up and ready to go.


Choosing a device

red busylight

If you have already purchased the busy lights for your workforce you can skip this step, otherwise it is important to understand which device will match your work place. Companies that manufacture and distribute these devices understand that not all work forces operate in the same way. From such they have developed multiple devices to help out all different companies.

There is the traditional cube like devices that sit on top of your desk or cubicle and alert those who are nearby. Mini variants also exist and are perfect for workplaces that prefer to use laptops and are always on the go. They are also really beneficial for open plan offices as they don’t take up too much space but also provide the benefit that busy lights have to offer.

Additionally there is even a variant for call centres where you can get headsets with light indicators in built.


Set up process

Once you have settled on your device type it is time to get them set up and ready to go. Firstly you will want to download the appropriate software that is attached to your busy light to enable it to work. This software will also allow you to update the firmware of the device to ensure that it is up to date. Many distributors are moving away from physical disks and now offer the software to be downloaded online.

Simply download and install the software then connect your device. The busy light should interact with your applications and the software to allow it to sync with your contacts and platforms. It is common for them to be able to automatically recognize what platform you are using as well as your status. If you have set your Skype availability to do not disturb for example it should be able to display the corresponding colour automatically.

It is also possible to sync your phone status and contacts to your device as well. This may require some extra tinkering but is fairly simple to do. A lot of the companies that make these products will have an online chat function to help you with any questions you may have.



Something that is often overlooked in the set up process is the customization of these devices to allow for a better flowing work space. It is possible for the newer devices to play a tone when you are getting a call on your web based meeting platform. If however you have a lot of people using these devices and they all are expecting calls throughout the week, the default tone may confuse some people.

Customising the devices to each individual user will allow for an easier distinction to who is being called. Additionally their location on desks or laptops should be unique and not all clumped together so it is easy to understand the status of each individual and not the collective.

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