Your To-Do Checklist Before Calling a Blacktown Removals Service


When homeowners and renters are about to move locations in West Sydney, they will likely need the assistance of a Blacktown removals service.

These operators have the experience and expertise to carry out the task diligently and with a minimum of fuss for the client.

From scheduling a time that suits to handling items with care and shifting heavy goods from one end of town to the next, they are a sound investment that cuts out the need for DIY movers to carry the burden.

However, there are some steps and precautions that you as the client can enact to save you time and money prior to the big move.

Let us run through that all important to-do checklist before the removalists arrive.


Write Down a Checklist

Your very first step when it comes to a checklist for a Blacktown removals service is to actually create a checklist! A written reminder held on a clipboard will allow you to tick items on and off as you go, giving you a portable document where you track your progress. This can be a time of great angst and stress on behalf of the homeowner to ensure that no detail big or small has been overlooked. When there are financial and security ramifications that are evident, it is valuable to carry a checklist that removes doubt from the equation.


Take Out All Useless Items

A good old fashioned purge is what you need to do prior to seeing a Blacktown removals service arrive at your doorstep. Run a load down to a local charity or shelter, or undertake a trip to the tip to remove all of those needless items that have passed their used by date or simply have no use to you anymore. Keeping these items only increases the clutter and the more space that is taken up, the more time the movers have on the clock. The threat of additional journeys from one location to the next is exacerbated by keeping useless items.


Waste Disposal

Amid all of the logistics and back and forth discussions about fridges, beds, couches, book shelves, cutlery and more to move from one side of West Sydney to another, it is worthwhile undertaking a comprehensive waste disposal exercise. A Blacktown removals service can maneuver around a property with some barriers in their way, but to make their job easier and to have clear pathways between the truck and the living space, take out the waste and garbage.


Utilise Labels

Where did we put the tongs from the kitchen? Have you found my coffee maker? Are you sure we put the DVDs in with the television remote? Avoid asking all of these questions before a Blacktown removals service arrives and use labels to clearly define what is where. That can be in terms of categories (kitchen, electric, bedding etc.) or as specific as you wish. Simply shoving items into boxes can lead to all manner of confusion, not to mention creating the possibility of damaging fragile items if the movers are unsure what items are in what boxes.


Check For Insurance Coverage

Accidents can happen at any stage of the process when hiring a Blacktown removals service. Should you be shifting goods that are of great sentimental or financial value and you believe there is a small chance something could happen during the move, then secure liability protection insurance. A number of outlets in Sydney would be able to offer an obligation-free quote on this count.



Take a few extra minutes before hiring a Blacktown removals service to check off these items and activities. Simply undertaking a touch of diligence will save you a great deal of stress and potential financial pain when breaking or losing items from the move.


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