Setting Tile For Showers And Tubs

Once the bond coat or setting bed has been trowelled, it is time to set the tile. Remember that it is a good idea to back butter tile larger than 8″ or any tile where 100% coverage is desired. Set the tile in place and beat it in using a rubber mallet and beating block. For small tiles up to 6″ use the beating block and mallet or just the rubber mallet for large tiles. The idea here is not to hammer the tile into place. The idea is just to firmly seat the tile into the setting bed. There is no need to exert great pressure on the tile. So “softly” beat the tiles into the bed of mortar.

Once the tiles are placed and beaten in, align the tiles with your layout lines or ledger and clean off any bond coat residue from the tile surface. The bond coat should not interfere with the grout ability to penetrate the joint by at least 2/3 of the joint depth.

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