Why MYOB Greentree Continues To Showcase Excellence In 2022

MYOB Greentree

Of all the ERP software options you have available to you; it is still hard to go past MYOB Greentree and not be impressed. Not only is it a simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive array of features within the singular box, but it also has the distinct advantage of being an apple from one of the most trusted companies for enterprise resource planning software. 

MYOB Greentree is one of the crown jewels in the Manage My Own Business family and has proven itself time and time again to be a force to be reckoned with when compared to other sluggish programs that currently pollute the market. 

What is it about MYOB Greentree that has so many businesses from across the various industries coming back time and time again – could it be the seamless interface, incredible features, cloud-support, or simply a combination of all the above and more? 

That’s what this article will uncover. Together we will be exploring some of the nifty ways that MYOB Greentree has remained relevant and in demand as the ERP software that stands above the rest. 

Reliable Technology & Retention 

The reliability of any given database or its contents is a vital consideration for any modern enterprise. MYOB Greentree has the market cornered here with a minimal reduction of data loss risk with the program being built using the JADE database. JADE has the advantage of being a modern object-oriented database that allows a secure and proficient operating environment. 

There’s an added benefit for MYOB Greentree where it also contains an automatic recovery protocol as well as requiring no real day-to-day management from users to work optimally.  

Intuitive Tree-Reporting Mechanisms 

User-defined trees are the name of the game with MYOB Greentree. This unique feature to the software allows for grouping of parameters and user group information like suppliers, stock items, even the clients themselves that are relevant to the organisation that is using the software. Furthermore, these trees can then be subdivided and extended into branches of sub-groups for even easier organisation. 

Administrative Godsend

Warehouse manager using a MYOB Greentree

The administrative qualities that come with MYOB Greentree often speak for themselves. Customisation options are extremely intuitive in the software, screens and calendars can be organised on a whim and allow for a seamless and interconnected updating protocol to ensure that all users of the software are in the same boat at any given moment. 

The fact that the program auto-updates on a live basis through the secure cloud is a huge benefit for the bottom line and for the users of the program. Allowing remote viewing of sensitive information at any given time is a huge benefit. 

We haven’t even gone into the various Accounts Payable options you have at your disposal that have saved the headaches of businesses across the world thanks to a robust accounting system that is naturally built into the software. But that will inevitably be for another article, the many features and benefits of MYOB Greentree could fill a thousand more articles. 

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